Top 5 growing Trends in Digital World

The digital world is evolving rapidly and so are the trends which are constantly witnessing dramatic shifts. There are numerous new and growing digital trends and strategies that are developing in this Internet-led world, a potentially high-tech era which brands currently need to utilize to prevail in their respective endeavours. Below we have listed 5 key growing trends in today’s digital world:

Artificial Intelligence: With “Hey Siri” and “Alexa”, Artificial Intelligence has already acquired a place in people’s day to day life. Digital work process will wind up less demanding as well as easy to-send Artificial Intelligence -powered solutions are made accessible to more organizations hoping to augment the innovation. From Machine Learning to AI-controlled chatbots in client services and support, to utilizing natural dialect handling as another type of human-computer interface, AI Technology is making its way to progress. It is foreseen that AI can have the ability to push organizations to strategize marketing and strategies by combining information and determining noteworthy bits of knowledge.
Video Marketing: A good video content is an eye catcher on social media. With the more and more growth of video marketing platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, higher video engagement statistics have been witnessed in the past few years. With the Live streaming services and vlogging becoming an essential part of the businesses who want to connect with their audience in the real-time, video marketing trend is here to stay!
Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is a genuine, attractive, and an important means for businesses to disperse their content and spread their product’s awareness. Influencers enable organizations to engage with their target audience in a less immediate, non-intrusive, and more credible way. Influencer marketing plans to construct an ordeal and passionate association between a brand and their target clients which makes it essential to build appropriate content touch-points through the complete journey of reaching the product from the business to the customer via highly potential influencers which comprise of celebrities, bloggers and journalists.
Block Chain: Blockchain is a rapidly evolving technology which has already paved its way in the multiple industries. The blockchain is an advanced, decentralized innovation that is developing and making a check in digital marketing as well. Blockchain tracks the exchanges that happen on the peer-to-peer systems. With the development in the digital marketing industry, blockchain is adding another transformation to the connection among customers and organizations. Blockchain intends to build transparency in all parts of a business as the data is put away carefully. This data can’t be altered or erased. This empowers the organizations to see the correct utilization of the assets & funds and if the people get them or not.
Social media stories: The art of storytelling through social media stories has been on a rise since it was spearheaded by Snapchat and has now become one of the most powerful growing digital trends. However, with the massive user base of 800 million on Instagram, companies and brands take its utmost advantages like the constant engagement with their followers and increased traffic to their web page with the help of “swipe up” option available on the stories. More than 300 million people are sharing stories on Instagram and WhatsApp separately every day, which has given social media platforms a major breakthrough.